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International Groups

At The Farmyard we have a tailored programme of activities for international groups which allows them to experience Irish culture and traditions at its best. This 5 hour programme includes activities such as:

  • Simple farm and gardening activities which demonstrate the link between the food we eat and the land it comes from.
  • Take a trip back in time by learning how to make your own bread and churn butter using traditional Irish methods, the result of which can be enjoyed later with tea or coffee!
  • Explore and learn about the ancient Ring Fort which is located on the farm
  • Take a guided walk of the Burren, a world renowned nature park of remarkable beauty and learn about the unique flora and fauna which can be found there.
  • Experience the Celtic beat of Céilí dancing and Bodhrán playing by learning these truly Irish customs which are sure to generate much craic and laughter.
  • Discover the uniqueness of the Irish breed of animals by getting a tour of an Irish working farm which will provide insight into what makes animals such as the Connemara horse world renowned.

These are just some of the core activities which can be organised however if you have a specific interest which you would like incorporated into your program we will make every effort to facilitate this.

Included in the price is a delicious lunch made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients which gives you a flavour of the high quality produce that Ireland has to offer.

As you will be outdoors for a lot of your visit it is important to wear clothing suitable for the ever changing Irish weather! We suggest layers of clothing and bring your wellies as we will be wandering off the pathways as we explore the farm.

Our programmes for international groups run from 10am to 3pm and include a short break for lunch. We cater for groups with of 10 people.

Experience Irish culture and traditions at its best!