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It’s  well know that spending time outdoors is good for you. There are so many positives to being outside in nature from reducing stress to improving your mental well-being. Visiting a farm has many more benefits as it includes the added bonus of learning new skills and undertaking tasks that are great fun. Here is out list of 5 reasons farm funs is good for you.


  1. Problem solving skills – Improve your problem solving skills by taking on farm challenges as they arise. Reacting on the fly like catching a run-away sheep certainly keeps you on your toes.


  1. Reconnect with nature and each other – Being out on the land not only brings you out into the landscape it also brings a group together, as communication is essential when herding sheep or juggling farmyard chores.



  1. Good food – With nature’s bounty on the doorstep in the form of fresh eggs, home grown herbs and seasonal fruit it’s no wonder the fresh baking tastes so good…

  1. New experiences – Never work with animals and children are a famous quote, but we don’t really agree. Farm animals have minds of their own and often throw up new challenges to keep you on your toes and take you out of your comfort zone…. It’s not every day you get to catch the cock

  1. Great Craic – getting out and about and up to your knees in mud can just be great craic and we all know laughter is the best medicine